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How it works, what choice you have :)

I work online on Zoom/Whereby, so we are not limited by distance or traffic. Sometimes I also teach at a student's place - Skawina, Kraków and the surrounding area ( I commute up to 15 km) - but in this case, the details are to be discussed.

The first session is free (about 20-25 minutes), we get to know each other, set goals to achieve, express expectations and dreams, describe obstacles to overcome... There are a lot of questions and answers, we initially declare whether we want to cooperate:)

In this session, I do not use placement tests to determine the level of English.

I treat lessons held once a week (60 minutes ) as maintaining the level (minimum B1), casual conversations, help in completing a specific task, or brief repetition, such frequency of meetings does not guarantee noticeable progress in a relatively short period of time!


1x1 online meeting 60 minutes 1x a week - PLN 120
1x1 online meeting 60 minutes 2x a week - PLN 110

Online group meeting (4 people) 1x a week - 45 PLN / person
Online group meeting (3 people) 1x a week 60 PLN / person
Online group meeting (2 people) 1x a week - PLN 90

Meetings at the student's home 1x a week - PLN 150 - details to be discussed!

I invite children from 10 years of age, adolescents, and adults, I conduct meetings in General English, General Business English, comprehensively and effectively prepare for the 8th Grade Exam, Matura Examination, Cambridge B2 First, C1 Advanced (only for very hardworking and motivated people :) )

                                                                                              I discuss other variants of classes with individual students :)



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