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Hello :)

My name is Ewa Hamera and I have been teaching English with unflagging joy for over 17 years. I will effectively help you break the communication barrier, catch up or prepare for an exam. I will take you step by step through each learning stage.
Why is it worth studying with me? Because not only will you get professional content, but also a friendly atmosphere, a lot of positive energy and infinite patience, it will be interesting, inspiring and always hardworking, because I focus on the effect! My students and their success are always the most important to me.


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What my students say

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'Mrs Ewa is a great person, a teacher by vocation, with a very good approach to young people, knowing how to motivate them to learn. 
Effective teaching methods, extensive experience and passionate commitment to teaching.
My son strongly recommends Mrs Ewa.
Robert's (16) mother

'Deep understanding and thoughtfulness in lessons and, above all, interesting ideas for memorising new words are an amazing advantage of the classes conducted by Ewa. I am very grateful to Ewa because after our lessons I have become open to speaking in English.
I recommend Mrs. Ewa without a doubt :-)'

"Super Teacher, very involved, consistent in discussing as well as presenting a given topic. Very effective in explaining. She meets students' expectations when it comes to both content and exercises, she's always willing to make up for lessons in case of absences. She quickly diagnoses issues to be clarified so that a student feels comfortable during classes, which is important in terms of gaining knowledge and creating a friendly atmosphere during classes. I highly recommend her!" Monika​

"Great classes, substantively and professionally prepared. Very nice atmosphere, and great support from Ms Ewa. Lessons adapted to the pace and a student's level of knowledge. In the beginner group, I made extraordinary progress, which was a remarkable achievement for me. Thank you for the whole year of the course 👌👍😄 " Michał

"Ms. Ewa is always perfectly prepared for classes. She conducts them with passion and commitment. A very nice approach to all students. Thanks to her work, we can see impressive progress at school. Thank you, Ms Ewa!" Monika

"I highly recommend Ms Ewa, a great teacher, she never makes me feel bored🙂" Basia

"I highly recommend Ewa! The child learns through conversation, play, and board games in English. An hour passes in a friendly atmosphere. There is visible progress in terms of speaking and grammar." Magdalena

"I am a person aged 60+. It is not easy for me to learn a foreign language. Finally, I found a person with whom learning English is a pure pleasure,  some fun, light conversation and chatting about what's going on,  where I've been, what I've been doing, about plans and interests. Zero stress. Classes are organized for my needs. I recommend. I recommend..." Beata

"I heartily recommend lessons with Mrs Ewa. Personally, I am very satisfied. I am preparing for my final exams (matura), our lessons are at a very high level, and I'm always given a lot of additional materials. Very effective classes" Wiktoria

"English classes are conducted by Ewa in a professional and understandable way. She always uses creative teaching methods. We have access to a database of materials, which we can look at or return to at any time to consolidate knowledge.
The atmosphere during classes is great:)" Krzysztof

"Classes with Ewa are pure pleasure, always perfectly prepared.
A big plus for sharing trivia and fun facts and incorporating them into the lesson." Marcin

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