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Who I am for

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I'm trying to guess :)

You are learning English...

# "Tell me and I will forget, show me and I will remember, let me do and I will understand" (Confucius)

*   you are doing quite well, you are motivated to learn and want more, and your teacher is to help you spread your wings and awaken a true passion for the English language through classes tailored to your needs, focused on communication, but when necessary, helpful in mastering grammatical structures. You expect that the teacher will be demanding, because learning a language is a pleasure for you, so you are not afraid of "homework", because you know very well that they only help you know more, and the more you know, the more opportunities you have and the next door will be hole.


# “I can't teach anyone anything. All I can do is make them think. " (Socrates)

*   You do not like rigid patterns, you do not want to thinklessly repeat phrases like organ grinders hundreds of times, you learn with focus on the effect, you have a specific goal in front of you and you expect the teacher to be supportive, signpost and reliable for you_cc781905 -5cde-3194-bb3b-136bad5cf58d_ source of information,   at the same time you are looking for inspiration and you want to learn different memorization techniques, you want to know how to learn effectively, you do not like boredom, creativity is your good friend, you want to Your teacher believed that "the art of teaching was the art of assisting discovery" (Mark Van Doren)

# “Our greatest weakness is giving up. The surest way to success is to just keep trying one time, another time. " (T. Edison)

*   You learn English with hardship and without enthusiasm, you have bad experiences and slowly lose motivation, you are afraid to speak like fire, (you just have a lump  in your throat ...) , grammar is the enemy and you just don't know how to go about it all.

*   you learn English, because you need to have a very specific goal - writing emails at work, phone calls, or maybe you need to prepare a presentation, conduct a meeting in English, or you just work in an international team and without "small talk" you can do it, or maybe you are a student of the 8th grade and you are waiting for an exam, you are a secondary school graduate, or you are preparing for the Cambridge B2 First / C1 Advanced exam.

# "Success is the sum of small efforts repeated day by day." (R. Collier)

*   you are a parent of a child over 8 years old and you want your child's English lessons not to be filled in with photocopies or sitting over a book, you want the classes to be absorbing, active, fun, extremely child-friendly and tailored to his capabilities.

You want your child to have a great time while getting a solid dose of English at each meeting. You also want the teacher to help you with your homework, be there before the test, if necessary. You want the lessons to be conducted in English, thereby familiarizing your child with the language (we call it immersion), and at the same time giving you the space and freedom to move from passive to active stage without stress, without being forced or pressured - "what the shell of a youth ... "

I only work with people who want to. This is my condition - not the so-called predispositions, abilities, talent, but the willingness and declaration of systematic learning between lessons for results, the student must give a lot, if someone expects that I will perform a miracle during a few hours a month, being the only person who tries, then not We'll get along ... I give my students my many years of knowledge, heartfelt support and mega energy, but the commitment must come from both sides.


“Nothing is served on the tray. Everyone always comes across obstacles along the way. When they do, think about how to overcome them, don't think it's the end of the road. " (M. Jordan)


“Work will fill a large part of your life. The only way to be truly satisfied with your job is to do what you believe in greatness. And the only way to do great for you is to love what you do. " (S. Jobs)


I invite you for cooperation, I guarantee classes in a great atmosphere with absolute focus on you and your needs :)

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