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Let me start by explaining why I don't work at a state school - 

because .... that's not my cup of tea. Being a mother myself, I can see how often school kills children's creativity, spontaneity and the joy of discovering, how it deprives students of faith in their own abilities and self-confidence, which sometimes stays with them until adulthood :(

I believe that there is a lot of truth in the words:


"Most teachers waste time asking questions to reveal what the student cannot, while the real teacher tries to reveal what the student knows or is able to learn through questions." (A. Einstein)  


I am an absolute fan of an individual approach to each student and a great atmosphere in class, I adhere to the principle that there is no one universal method for all students, but what is certain is that in fear NOBODY is able to learn anything.

I take a holistic approach to each person, I get on with my students:) Being a mum has enriched my teaching work enormously, especially in the aspect of building relationships and developing 'soft skills'.
My area of interest is also psychology, I WORK WITH HIGHLY SENSITIVE PEOPLE.


I do not work with textbooks on a daily basis, I use various materials - authentic (e.g. articles), visual, ones that stimulate the work of the brain, support the memorizing process, I introduce some memory techniques, I also often use good books, applications for vocabulary revision, podcasts, channels on YT, Tedtalks, and working with children (but not only :))

objects, games and songs are moving. 

During lessons English is spoken, but when I need to explain grammatical complexities - I give students hints in Polish, as my experience has taught me to be flexible and that rigid teaching patterns are the enemy of creative thinking, development and student well-being, also in a broader context.

And I love mistakes because thanks to them we move forward, I treat students for the illness "if I make a mistake, I'm lost".


“Strive for success, not perfection. Never give up your right to make mistakes or you will lose the opportunity to learn new things in life. " (David M. Burns)

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